this is an adventure

life is a peculiar thing. i have been living this life for eighteen years and i have not yet grown accustom to it. i am beginning to think i will never wrap my head around this wild course. some days i am here, other days i am there. and tomorrow is not a promise. but one thing i know is for certain-we live to love and be loved.

I cannot even express how much I love my little TJ. Be still my heart…

This Is Love

I was not worthy of Your sacrifice, but the act itself made me worthy. You looked passed who I was and saw who I would become. Thank you endlessly Jesus for taking up your cross so I could be free.

Yet another gift from God. This munchkin was born at 8:54 this morning. My heart cannot handle all of this aunty love. I think it will burst soon.

I am so happy to celebrate your life, Orray. We are going to have so much fun together.

This beautiful child has been flooding my life with joy for eight years. Her heart, passion, silliness and fun-loving character draws her more to being one of my greatest friends, rather than just my niece. My love for her has grown into a compassion for kids all over the globe, and I have her to thank for that.

The title of ‘aunty’ is not something I take lightly. In the coming months I will be travelling the world again, working with children and loving them as an aunty would. I will miss you greatly Keira, but you must know, it all started with you.

I love you forever xox.

A letter unsent.

Back when I thought there was still a chance for reconciling what we once had.
Look above.
Reminiscing of Italia today…this is my best attempt at the Italian classic.
Be still, be silent, and be sure.

Morning stroll.

Be steadfast, heart. He has not given up.

Be steadfast, heart. He has not given up.