-this is an adventure-

life is a peculiar thing. i have been living this life for eighteen years and i have not yet grown accustom to it. i am beginning to think i will never wrap my head around this wild course. some days i am here, other days i am there. and tomorrow is not a promise. but one thing i know is for certain-we live to love and be loved.

Picnicking with some of my dearest friends.

I am just going to disappear for awhile.

I love days like these.

Lord Huron - I Will Be Back One Day

I Will Be Back One Day - Lord Huron

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Ben Howard - Depth Over Distance

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Music & food is my kind of night.

Perfect day to take photographs.
I spent a long time in silence tonight, pondering the many heres and theres of life. I went through pictures of my Europe trip and was saddened at the measly amount of photographs I actually took. I began to greatly miss everything about my travels. Italian food, the Triacci family, train rides, the alone time, Luca, London rain, the ocean, the mountains…most days I would rather be in that again than living the life I do now. I feel dull when I am not on a plane, eating new food, exploring foreign cities, learning another language. This soul of mine is surely a wanderer. I can’t stay still. I crave adventure. And on that note, I am planning to move to Central America for 5 months. I will leave December the 29th. And at the end of May I will backpack South America. I am so excited…but it’s really hitting me that I will be leaving my family, my friends, and my bed for half a year. Deep down this is what I want though, this is what I need-to be free. I am afraid to leave, but even more afraid to stay.

These girls hold a huge piece of my heart.

Family, fireworks, fun.